PhotoShootout Patch Notes Version 0.6

New Features:

  • New water shader on the river and lake
  • Updated scoring to penalize the photo if the animal is too far away or if the animal is blocked
  • Updated the look of the UI
  • New house for bigfoot being a hole in the cave
    • With a mailbox (temporary asset)
  • Extended the padding around the level to hide the void
  • Added a 'flashed' mechanic to the player.
    • When another player takes a picture from close to you while you're facing them, you'll be blinded and stunned for two seconds with accompanying UI feedback.

Known Issues:

  • Dashing into water then respawning will continue your dash after you respawn
    • This will be addressed next week when we replace the dying mechanic with the slowing mechanic
  • Pressing Ready before anyone joins spawns extra players and adds a first person camera
  • Main Menu button doesn’t work

Bug Fixes & General Changes:

  • Improved Moose jump animation
  • Fixed UI bugs by changing it to animations instead of coroutines
  • Adjusted the timing of moose animations
  • Grass was causing bugs so it is removed for now
  • Some trees did not have collider on them 
  • Fixed bug where a first person camera view would show up in top left

Balance Changes:

  • Adjusted the distance range that is considered a good size to range from 8-14 meters from the player. 
  • Increased the reward for photographing Moose while they're eating, drinking or challenging. 
  • Increased the frequency at which Moose challenges.
  • Changed the thresholds for star feedback so 350+ points is 3 stars, and 275+ is 2 stars. 
  • Very slightly increased the duration of a wind to make it impossible to photograph the same moose challenge two times.


PhotoShootout V0.6 42 MB
Mar 28, 2022


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