PhotoShootout Patch Notes Version 0.6

New Features:

  • Updated Menu UI with the UI art
  • The river now slows the player instead of killing them
    • Reworked geometry of the river so that you can exit it while on foot.
  • Textured and colored BigFoot model 
  • Expanded the border of the map so it is no longer void
    • Bigger cliff face and hills all around

Known Issues:

  • Main Menu button doesn’t work
  • The player's aim view still needs changes

Bug Fixes & General Changes:

  • UI no longers uses coroutines and doesn’t unexpectedly show up or stay on screen (works as intended)
  • Got rid of the bridge and replaced it with rocks (visual change functions similarly but without elevation changes)
  • The grass is back with a new color and in small patches
  • Player UI should not show in photos any more


PhotoShootout V.07.0 81 MB
Apr 04, 2022


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