SNAPSQUATCH v0.95.0 Patch Notes

New Features:

  • Player feedback is fully in the game and shows up when you take a photo
  • Broke up the cliff face to make it look more natural
  • Updated main menu to feature bigfoot
  • More new ui implemented
    • The 3.2.1 is now in the game
  • No more lag at the end of the game
  • The ground is now textured
  • If the player goes out of bounds they will be respawned
  • Bigfoot’s animations have been updated
    • More animations implemented
    • Switched to blend tree approach to get smooth transitions between idle and running, and for blending in winding animations smoothly to all speeds of movement
  • A crown now shows up on the winners photo reel
  • The number of reels at the end checks how many players are in the game
  • Implemented new SFX and VFX

Known Issues:

  • Pressing Ready before anyone joins spawns extra players
  • We still need extra protection for repeated blinds or tackles
  • Main Menu button from the score screen isn’t behaving correctly

Bug Fixes & General Changes:

  • Fixed a bug with moose getting stuck on the cave
  • Prevented a bug where you can fall through the world
  • Player FOV has been recolored
  • Moose icons are now properly showing
  • Mailbox is now made by us instead of asset store
  • Updated the look of the ready screen
  • Iterated on SFX levels

Balance Changes:

  • Added ability to show zero stars if below a one star threshold 


Apr 26, 2022


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