SNAPSQUATCH v0.9.0 Patch Notes

New Features:

  • Got rid of the wolf
  • The menu fully works with controller input
  • Many of the sounds are in the game
  • Updated UI
    • Added arrow above players head
    • Removed the score from above their head
    • The gear now disappears gradually instead of three chunks
  • Bigfoot has a new run animation 

Known Issues:

  • Pressing Ready before anyone joins spawns extra players
  • There are still some issues with controller input on menus

Bug Fixes & General Changes:

  • Play again properly resets the timer, animals, spawners, and animal resources
  • Adjusted the spawning of Moose. They appear from a wider array of locations, but less frequently from each
  • Added transition from tackled to walk
  • Modified the level
    • Widened the river
    • Moved a geyser
    • Made the cliff face look more natural
  • Moose should no longer leave at the river
  • Moose shouldn’t randomly flote
  • Camera should be positioned on the players before the game starts instead of the void
  • Players now turn to face knockdown sources when they’re hit
  • Geysers now knock the player down when they get bumped by them
  • Players are now knocked down when they try to tackle a moose

Balance Changes:

  • Only top 3 animals are scored in photos
  • Reduced the reward for challenge behavior.
  • Adjusted star thresholds to feel more appropriate.


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