SNAPSQUATCH v0.8.0 Patch Notes

New Features:

  • New name is chosen! Introducing Snapsquatch!
  • Bigfoot is animated! He can idle, walk, dash, fall down and aim his camera

    • These will be refined more in our next sprint
  • More sounds has been added
  • Geyser has been modeled and have a water vfx
  • Updated the functionality of the Geyser

    • After a player walks over it, it will spews water and during that another player can’t use the geyser
  • The menu slightly works with the controller
  • The Wolf is added

    • The current art is prototypical
  • More UI art implemented for the timer and buttons
  • The Wind UI is now one gear instead of three small ones
  • UI should not show up in photos
  • The level has been given another small revision around the outside border
  • The lag is gone from the game. Rendering of photos is moved to the end of the round

Known Issues:

  • Pressing Ready before anyone joins spawns extra players
  • The buttons on the ready up screen don’t respond to controller input
  • The animals try to leave at the river
  • Animals don’t despawn when play again gets pressed
  • Sometimes animals float in the air

Bug Fixes & General Changes:

  • Adjusted the fov for the aim mode highlight area

    • From 90 to 45
  • Photobombing is now tied to a max range


  • Initial Scoring for the wolf:

    • Base Score: 60
    • The modifier for drinking and chasing is 1.5x
    • The modifier for howling is 2x
  • The wolf can howl and become a leader of a pack

    • The leader of the pack is indicated by a yellow circle on the intentions UI
  • When a wolf has a pack they will follow the leader
  • The pack can decide to go drink water 

    • The entirety of the pack won’t drink a few wolves will randomly be selected to drink
  • While in the pack state the wolf FOV will search for and chase moose on a successful probability roll
  • Wolves can properly exit the pack and if the leader is feared he will lead the pack away
  • Wolfs react to the same things as moose (spotting players in FOV, camera flashes, and player dashing)

Balance Changes:

  • Increased the area shown by the aim cone to more accurately represent the distance at which you should try to take photos from
  • Increased the range at which you can blind other players
  • Increased the angle range of facing to 135 degrees 

    • This allows photos of the side of an animal to get full points
  • The minimum score you need on size on a photo is now 15 if you get less then 15 the score gets hit with a penalty
  • Adjusted the equation of centeredness to be less forgiving and more accurate with what a good photo looks like
  • Other players reduce your score by 150 points

    • Up from 50
  • If there are multiple animals in a photo a main animal is chosen as the base score and the rest of the animals gets added on at 10% of their original score


Apr 12, 2022


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